The vision of SIP ABACUS is to make a significant impact on the mental potential of children. This has been our guiding light through the years. If we think more deeply on what skills the children of today need in life , the answers are very interesting: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. In addition to these, they also need confidence and a high self – esteem are crucial for the good emotional health of a child.
The programmes work towards developing these essential skills that help in achieving excellence.

SIP AMAL – SIP ACCELERATED MENTAL LEARNING PROGRAMME ( Form TRANSITION), is a well-researched programme that works on making SKILLS a habit for life. It creates an environment that inculcates a habit of constant curiosity to learn and apply skills that have been taught to students. The fun filled activities are designed to challenge the child to think, participate, learn and share information through individual and team activities. The child benefits by becoming

  • A quick learner
  • Curious to acquire and share knowledge ( communication)
  • A committed team player, showing social skills
  • Confident to face challenges
  • Attentive and avoiding repetitive mistakes

SIP JUNIOR is a conceptually simplified ABACUS and BRAIN GYM PROGRAMME specially re-designed , with a view to lay a strong foundation for the children of Forms 1 and 2, so that they gradually build the requisite skills to smoothly progress to the advanced levels. We have introduced the concept of multiplication tables using the abacus methodology , that will enable the child to be thorough with the basics and sail through comfortably to the higher levels. Programme Highlights:

  • Abacus based fun activities to strengthen the concepts
  • Brain Gym and Speed writing
  • Brain Games and activities
  • Multiplication tables
  • Directly graduate to the Foundation Level 2 of the SIP ABG programme

SIP ABG -(SIP ABACUS AND BRAIN GYM PROGRAMME (FORMS 3 to 7 ), is an ideal programme that helps in improving the child’s LEARNING SKILLS like Listening and Concentration, Memory Retention and Recall, Arithmetical skills, Speed and Accuracy and Overall Confidence, through the 3 main components of the programme :

  • ABACUS – The children can calculate arithmetical problems rapidly and accurately. Gradually mental calculations become easier and enjoyable as they start visualizing the abacus. A boosted numerical ability and increased speed in calculations remove the fear of numbers and also instill confidence in the child.
  • BRAIN GYM - Safe , easy and joyful movements that relax and de- stress the children and prepare them for the process of learning.
  • SPEED WRITING – helps children to write faster and neater thus developing writing and reading speed that are deemed so essential for all further academic as well as personal pursuits.

MaRRS spelling bee

MaRRS spelling bee initiates students into the world of competitive learning,acting as an invaluable tool for language improvement . The healthy competitive spirit motivates the students to learn on their own without any compulsion. This self based learning improves retention and results in a systematic and structured understanding of the English language.


It helps the students to maintain a child’s total well being, both psychological and physical strength.