The British Council International School Award (ISA) programme helped our students and teachers to explore the world. The successful completion of all the activities planned throughout the year 2015-16 brought international dimensions to our curriculum.
Benefits to the students

  • It has a positive impact on not just the students, but also the teachers and school in entirety.
  • The International School Award is a leadership challenge programme and fosters 21st century skills of teambuilding, innovation, and project management.
  • The teaching staff is motivated to improve teaching standards in their respective subjects.
  • This programme embeds global themes in the curriculum.
  • It gives context to practice new skills in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) and pedagogy in a safe and structured manner.

Number of students : 80% of the school strength.

Let us take a peek into the seven activities carried out during this entire programme.

Communicable Diseases Around the World(India, Kenya Germany and Brazil).
Kaleidoscope: Folk Art and Cultural Diversity(India, Egypt, Australia, Russia).
Traditional Games around the world(India, China, Brazil, Australia).
Ensembles around the World (India, U.A.E-Dubai, Japan, Norway).
Fasting Rituals: From Fasting to Celebration (India, USA, Egypt, Mauritius).
The World is my Home- Physical Division of India, Australia, Kenya and New Zealand.
Cruelty to Animals-Let them know someone cares (India, China, Spain, Greece).

Therianthrope: Myths and Legends around the world

Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. Rodrigues

This activity was conducted with students of Form 5 during the month of mid June-July. For this project, five legends from five countries i.e. Sphinx-Egypt, Mermaid-Finland, Centaur-Greece, Ganesha-India, Gamayun-Russia were selected. The activities that were conducted were as follows-

  • PowerPoint presentation to compare between the five legends of the above mentioned countries

  • Comparison chart activity to compare between the five legends of the above mentioned countries

  • Bookmark activity conducted in the craft period where the students made a bookmark with a brief description about the characters

  • Students were asked to prepare a script on the above characters and the same was enacted in the presence of the international guests, teachers and parents.


Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. S. Anand

The activity was designed to study and analyse the three major empires, viz , The Roman Empire, The British Empire and nearer home, The Mughal. The students were to examine the various facts of these empires with the objective of understanding the circumstances leading to the creation of great empires, the contribution of their leaders, and the ingredients of their sustenance and demise. The deeper purpose was to draw parallels with and lessons from the contemporary economic empires.

  • The project was initiated by showing a movie Gladiator' on Roman civilization.

  • A visit to the Prince of Wales Museum

  • Students preparing a Picture Essay

  • Leadership workshop

  • Skype session with Mr. Atul Aneja, Sub-editor, The Hindu, Beijing, China

  • The parent team witnessed, encouraged & judged the presentations


Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. S. Ghosh

Students experienced practical learning as a part of ISA Activity 3 which helped them remember things better. The project allowed students to explore about prominent rocks and minerals worldwide with reference to four major countries like Germany, South Africa, Russia and our motherland India. The students undertook various activities to accomplish their goals.

  • A visit to diamond workshop, Dahisar

  • Students in QMS(India) and ZSP BRZEZNO(Poland) collaborated and exchanged the research work on rocks and minerals

  • A panel discussion on rocking economy


Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. S. Shah

It was a great hand on activity with the grade 3 students experimenting and exchanging the study of different kinds of herbs and leaves of the world (India, China, Germany, USA and Japan) and its medicinal importance. They also learnt to appreciate the use and impact of medicinal herbs in today’s modern world. The students had a great experience collaborating and exchanging their views with the partner school Ceip San Miguel, Spain.

  • A field trip to Go green, Panvel

  • Observing the sapling grow

  • A session with the Japanese Therapist, Ms.Lchon

  • A session with the Aroma Therapist, Mrs.Fernandes

  • Experiment- Making of Herbal Soap

  • Students making Herbal Medicine

  • Collaboration with partner school Ceip San Miguel, Spain.

Mission Aqua-A Global Vision

Teacher-in- charge: Ms. B. Lobo

Water Pollution was our topic for ISA this year. An eventful year with loads of fun filled activities. These were very well organised for our students. These included Visit to Ganesh Idols workshop, where they learnt making of plaster of paris idols and eco-friendly idols, presenting street plays and puppet shows at Gateway of India. We did it with pomp and enthusiasm. Banners and dustbins were made with re-used materials and were distributed to different catamarans at Gateway of India. We were also appreciated by seven leading newspapers namely Times Of India, Asian Age, Loksatta, etc. The Times of India NIE captioned Queen Mary School as 'This school is cool'

  • Group discussion on How Water Pollution is handled in different countries

  • Dustbin making activity

  • Puppet show in the catamaran to and fro from Gateway Of India to Alibagh Street play at the Gateway Of India


Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. N. Nanavaty

The journey started with our planning and then the actual executing. The activities were immensely enjoyed by the students . The countries covered were India , Spain , America , Brazil and Australia. Students learnt about the popular festivals being celebrated in the above countries . The students with the help the teachers initiated the activity by forming 5 groups and creatively making pictorial charts and informative booklets. They performed a skit and dance related to the country they belonged. The kids enjoyed their dress up day as they came dressed in their countries special dress which they were representing. The kids used their imaginative skills to create a wonderful recipe book and put their little palms at work cooking some yummy dishes.... Ms Kadam enlightened our kids and taught them to make wonderful clay models. Students made articles accordingly and at the end we had an exhibition displaying the students work in their respective class.

  • Dance of various festivals of the countries India , Spain , America , Brazil and Australia.

  • Skit based on the festivals of the above mentioned countries

  • Cooking non fire items related to the festivals

  • Clay modelling on one aspect of the festivals

  • Picture essay of the festivals of different countries in a group

Fear Free World

Teacher-in- charge: Mrs. S. Sheth

The project helped students to understand the importance of global peace and study its impact on the global economy and the lives of those affected. The countries covered were Afghanistan, USA, Iraq and India. It involved class 7 A and 7 Alpha along with the students from SAINT EUGENE SCHOOL in PENNSYLVANIA.

  • Parallel power point presentations carried on with the partner school

  • Teachers and parents witnessing and judging the presentations.

  • Teachers and parents witnessing and judging the presentations.

  • Morning Assembly on peace in collaboration with US

  • Making scrap books depicting the famous attacks in the different countries mentioned above