EUMIND (Europe Meets India) is an International Exchange programme between Dutch Schools and Indian Schools. Queen Mary School is actively involved in this programme since 2011 and Ms.Diana Gomes, a teacher in Queen Mary School has been honoured with the position of international co-ordinater for this programme. Students conduct research with the help of project scenarios, publish articles on a common platform and communicate through video conferences.

Benefits to the students
  • It develops respect and tolerance towards different cultural values.
  • Students learn to face leadership challenges and build team spirit.
  • It helps students to explore their creative, innovative and ICT skills.
Number of Students: 25
How Festivals are Celebrated.
How Festivals are Celebrated.
How Festivals are Celebrated.
History of Festivals
Local Dance Forms
Male Vs Female Rights

EUMIND Video Conference 2020

Our students have been a part of various projects like Go Green, National Holidays, Fables, Musical Art, and Regions to name a few. This year’s topic is ‘3 generations’.

A report on a Study Visit to India by our international guests Judy Bepple and Dawn Milner in July, 2015.