Christian Medical and Educational fellowship trust was registered as a Charitable Trust under BPT Act 1950 in 1975 as a successor to ZBMM(Zanana Bible and Medical Mission) which was started by Mrs. Arthur Kinnard in London in mid 19th Century. It was a World Wide Mission involved the spiritual, physical and mental development of women and girls. In Maharastra its work included a hospital, a Public library and children's home all in Nashik, a Children's home and primary school in Manmad and Sholapur and Kimmins High School for girls in Panchgani and Queen Mary High School for girls in Mumbai. When the ZBMM wound up its mission work in Maharashtra, it handed over its work here to a new Trust called Christian Medical and Educational Fellowship (CMEF) Trust created in 1975 with seven indian founding Trustees. This Trust runs the above institutions on the basis of its own Constitution. The Trust has recently added a new ICSE School (co-ed) known as Good Shephard School in Manmad and a Working Women's Hostel at Nashik.
The following are the present Trustees of the CMEF Trust

The head office of the trust is located on the 5th floor of Queen Mary School, V.P. Road, Mumbai 400004.