"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." -Sydney J. Harris
In Queen Mary School we do just that. We turn mirrors into windows; windows through which the soul sees the world, feels the impact and flies with courage to shape the world of their dreams thereby transforming the world and life itself. Queen Marians have a joyful journey of life in Queen Mary School. It is a medium by which we share our joys and our tears, our challenges and our vision, our dreams and our achievements, our happiness and our world together. Every year the activities and the spirit of the school revolve around a theme which the students explore and imbibe. Values and learning are embedded through various educational games and activities. It becomes a part of their learning process and enhances the multifaceted dimensions of acquiring a dynamic character and personality. We look ahead with renewed hope and new life ready to face the challenges of life with self motivated vigor, always moving ahead with optimism and constantly striving to evolve and become better human beings- leaders who will ‘walk their talk’.